Music and Yoga.

Ten years ago I wouldn’t dream of playing music in a yoga class.  In fact I remember complaining at a studio that used music, explaining to the teacher how yoga was supposed to be quiet and contemplative.  

     Soon thereafter I discovered how loud and chaotic life really is.  As I dropped into a consistent meditation practice my awareness of the busy chatter in my mind grew.  So when you take time for yoga, wouldn’t you want to create the most peaceful relaxed environment possible.  In my opinion, yes and no.  

     Yes, it is a beneficial tool to have calm surroundings for a calm mind.  A blissful environment will absolutely facilitate with ease and peace in the body.  Nevertheless, life is not usually calm and easy.  

     Today, I love playing music in yoga.  I believe it may also be a wonderful way to drop students deeper into their practice.  Music can be a tool connecting the practitioner to the present moment.  Also their is the fun factor.  When something is enjoyable there is a much greater chance for consistency and longevity.  

     Yoga can get very serious.  Music has an amazing capacity to lighten the mood and relax the body.  Arousing the senses can bring students into another dimension of their body/mind experience that helps take people to the next level.

Here is one of my recent yoga playlists.  It is a big step for me to share it publicly! I hope you enjoy!

Stardust (Intro)  Zhu

Kings of Summer ayokay & QuinnXCII

The Hills The Weeknd

Patience  Damien Jr Gong

Nevermind  Dennis Lloyd

Next to You  Mike Jones

JJ  Still

Memories  Petite Biscuit

Tesselate  Ellie Goulding

The Buzz  Hermitude

Lakshmi  Marti Nikko & Dj Drez

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