ABOUT Waves Yoga Kaua'i

Our Mission

Once a dream, now an everyday sanctuary of peace and love, Waves Yoga is a community yoga studio in Kaua’i that welcomes everyone with open arms.

Your imperfection is the most beautiful thing about you and we are here to support you in your journey toward health, healing and well-being.

Each of you make a difference and we are so grateful you share your journey with us.


"Waves is a continual evolving center for everybody to feel everything."

Our Founder's Story

“Four and half years ago an event took place that changed my life forever. At the time I was teaching yoga and living the dream. My dog Nala was my companion, best friend, teacher, & soul mate. We were inseparable.
The morning of Sunday August 10, 2014 we were heading off to teach a yoga class. Nala was running behind my truck as we did for over a year straight, it was our ritual. Going less than 10 miles an hour I was in a little bit of a hurry, more then usual, to get to my yoga class on time.
Rather than looking back to see Nala’s cute head bounce as she sprinted to keep up, I kept driving. That is when I heard the worst sound in my entire life, a big thud and her voice screaming. The next fifteen minutes after that were a living hell. She died in my arms. She was looking at me with so much love and adoration, like she was apologizing for what happened. I couldn’t stand another second of it and went into a state of shock. Friends were there to help me, thank God otherwise I am not sure I could have survived.
Within 48 hours I knew a center would be birthed for people to feel safe and express their emotions. I was searching for such a place where I could heal but I couldn’t find it. So began the dream of “The Nala Center,” which is Waves Yoga Kauai’s secret name.
I visualized it as a grief center, where people could do yoga, meditate, or watch TV and eat cupcakes.
Without a set formula it was to be the most accepting place in the world, helping each individual feel loved and embraced.
I spent 6 months away from Kauai to heal my broken heart. When I returned home I found a vacancy in the Princeville Shopping Center for The Nala Center. The expenses and logistics were not in my favor although I signed the lease anyway. From that moment forward everything I did was in effort to build a space for healing.”