The Joy of Sharing Music.

I have been so protective of the the playlists I spend hours upon hours to create.  They are so important in setting mood, cultivating energy, and promoting relaxation in a music filled yoga class.  It is quite interesting when a student asks, “what was that song you played before savasana?” what my reaction is.  In the past I […]

Music and Yoga.

Ten years ago I wouldn’t dream of playing music in a yoga class.  In fact I remember complaining at a studio that used music, explaining to the teacher how yoga was supposed to be quiet and contemplative.        Soon thereafter I discovered how loud and chaotic life really is.  As I dropped into a […]

Enjoying the Process.

The process of opening a new yoga center is filled with so many hidden joys.  Only a few days into signing the lease for a spot in the Princeville Shopping Center this dog ran right into the construction filled space.  “Da Kine” looked around did a downward dog and an upward dog and then made himself comfortable. […]