What Our Customers Have to Say

“Lulu has been the first person to change my attitude towards stretching and yoga.  Since I am not naturally flexible I have often times veered away from stretching since not only can it be painful for me, but simply I’m just not good at it.  Lulu’s ability to create routines for me specifically and in a way that I am able to execute has made all the difference  between doing it  and not doing it.  Lulu has an incredible knack for being nurturing and thoughtful, but simultaneously professional and armed with a strategy for each individual.”

Gabby Reece

Athlete, Model & Author

 “Stretching and doing yoga with Lulu helped me during my season keep my body aligned so that I could continue to go out and perform week after week.  Her ability to customize the moves to my bodies needs and weakness’s was key for me to minimize or avoid injuries.”

Laird Hamilton

Big Wave Surfer & Innovator

“Waves Yoga has been incredible for me and our community here on Kaua’i.
I love their sculpt class to start my day off. It kicks my butt and I get to see so many familiar faces 🙂
Waves Yoga has been a blessing to all of us. We needed this!
The sauna and ice bath are just the cherry on the top too!
I feel strong and healthy.”

Leila Hurst

Pro Surfer

 “I heard such great things about Lulu, and waves yoga!
But I had every excuse in the book for not wanting to practice.
Too crowded, too hot, surfs good. Etc. I was afraid of change.
Once I finally crossed that line, and pushed myself through those doors, I realized that life was better with yoga.
I describe LULU as someone who makes you feel as if you can fly.
She was born to teach yoga, to help people heal their bodies and minds. She is currently fulfilling her destiny here on Kaua’i, and I’m grateful to be involved.”

Jesse Merle-Jones

Pro Surfer & Entrepreneur

“Waves Yoga Kauai is ran by one of the most thoughtful and kind people I know. As soon as you walk in the room there’s an amazing energy in the room. The classes are beginner-intermediate- and of course some are advanced. I go there because I surf and it’s a great way to stay flexible and feel amazing! Thank you Lulu for the amazing yoga classes!!!”

Tatiana Weston Webb

Pro Surfer

 “Lulu leads with her heart. Her passion and gratitude towards yoga and the community is unparalleled in the studio. Lulu’s depth of knowledge about the body is always progressing and her guidance flows naturally throughout your entire practice. You feel completely satisfied from the inside out after practicing at Waves.”

Malia Manuel

Pro Surfer