Waves 1

The Waves Yoga Kaua’i “Waves 1” class is perfect for beginners looking to get into the rhythm of Yoga, or for advanced Yoga practitioners to take a deep breath and slow it down for a session.

Waves 2

If you are looking to build strength and balance while detoxifying your body, the Waves 2 class is for you. This class is Kaua’i’s intermediate Yoga class of choice. Sign up today!

Waves 3

Advanced poses, energizing music and guaranteed invigoration- the Waves 3 class is perfect for advanced Yoga practitioners. 


The daily grind of work, school, sports and doing life can take a toll on you physically and mentally. The Yin yoga class is the perfect breath of fresh air for someone needing more balance and rejuvenation.


The Sculpt class is the most fun Yoga available in all of Kaua’i! We use sliders, booty bands and more to build lean muscle mass and sweat out impurities!

Infrared sauna

Healthy radiant energy without any unhealthy EMF radiation. You have to feel it to believe it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept drop-ins?
Yes! Absolutely, please arrive 15 minutes prior to class. You also can sign in online to save some time!


2. Do you rent mats?
Yes! We rent Manduka pro-lite high-quality mats. They are steamed cleaned every day and ready for you to enjoy!


3. I have never done yoga before, may I come to a class?
Absolutely! We have all been to our first yoga class at one point. Most of the classes are for all levels although a Waves 1 class is designed for people new to yoga!


4. I am just visiting and wonder if you have any special rates?
We have a traveler special just for you! It is a week of unlimited yoga with an option for mats and towels.


5. How hot does it get?
Around 90 degrees F. It varies depending on the amount of people in class and we also regulate the temperature depending on how hot it is outside. We open the windows and door for a nice circulation. Our infrared heating system is mild in temperature, although deep in detoxifying effects.


6. What should I wear to class?
Anything comfortable to stretch and sweat in. Breathable and light clothes work best.


7. What should I bring to class?
We rent mats, towels, and sell water. Feel free to bring your own!


8. What about eating or drinking before class?
The recommendation is to hold off on eating 2 hours before a yoga class. Hydration is key to start at least 24 hours before an infrared yoga class. Drink plenty of water with minerals and electrolytes.


9. I have an injury and wonder if I can still come to a yoga class?
Most definitely! The wonderful thing about yoga is you can practice it no matter what. Modifications are welcomed. Since breathing is the key, often injuries heal faster when coming to yoga!


10. Is yoga a religious practice?
Great question! There are spiritual aspects, although it is not specifically a religious practice. All religions and belief systems are welcome.