The Joy of Sharing Music.

I have been so protective of the the playlists I spend hours upon hours to create.  They are so important in setting mood, cultivating energy, and promoting relaxation in a music filled yoga class.  It is quite interesting when a student asks, “what was that song you played before savasana?” what my reaction is.  In the past I have felt almost annoyed that after all of the time it took me to find the song I could just give it away.  Also, I felt that it was more special to just hear it in class and then students would look forward to their yoga practice even more.  

My behavior strikes me especially since I did not even write, sing, or play the song myself.  Also the entire point of the music is for people to listen to it. Lastly, just as we practice yoga to give the energy we have cultivated away, music is meant to be shared.

Here is my latest playlist, so happy to share it with each of you!

I know You Got Soul  Sol Rising
Fiend  Ark Patrol
We could Forever Bonobo
Every High  Kyson
So Far to Go  J Dilla
Butterfly Effect  Travis Scott
Vega  it:lo
Dusk  Alex Lustig

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