Time is quite an interesting phenomenon. In some ways it feels like I just opened the door to Waves Yoga and in others it seems like lifetimes. Waves Yoga Kauai will be three years old on May 22, 2020. What stands out in the course of this time are the moments I connected with students or teachers. 

With the development of the studio many seemingly dramatic things took place. I can barely remember any of those issues that at the time felt so huge. What I do remember rests deeply in my heart and warms my being. The sweet moments where a visitor to the island is about to go back home and confides some of her life with me. The trust and openness she felt to share difficulties softened my skin and welcomed her heart in. Students sharing their strengths and successes throughout the process of their yoga journey. Teachers hugging each other as a new found friendship emerges. The meaningful moments are in the heart to heart, eye to eye and soul to soul interactions with one another. Nevertheless we tend to spend quite a bit of time and energy wanting things to be a certain way and when they don’t go as planned, blaming self or another. 

Looking back on the years of Waves Yoga I am realizing how valuable it is to pause, to be, to see into another, to take time to connect. Sometimes I feel rushed, like I need to be somewhere else doing something else while somebody is talking. I am realizing how these moments are the treasures. 

There is no where else to be and nothing else to do that is more sweet and meaningful than being with another sharing in this mysterious life together.


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